B&B Electrical Contractors

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Established in 1987 by current owner and President Bud Shaffer, B&B Electrical Contractors has been proudly serving the Lehigh Valley for over 30 years. As a licensed electrical contractor & certified electrician, Bud has more than 35 years of experience in the field. Bud spent the majority of this time in healthcare facilities. B&B’s initial goal was to provide services to the residential market, but more recently that focus has shifted to the healthcare field.

B&B Electrical Contractors is commonly referred to as the largest small contractor in the local electrical contracting industry. Regardless of the magnitude of the project, B&B will promptly and accurately respond to the needs of the client. Our electricians have the necessary tools, training, and expertise to handle any project thrown their direction. We guarantee that great workmanship and customer service will be provided by all employees. Our relentless commitment to impress and exceed our customer’s expectations validates that B&B Electrical Contractors stands alone and is far from the average contracting business.

Above all else, we make every effort to improve ourselves and exceed expectations. B&B Electrical Contractors values the feedback of every customer. As a result, we use this feedback to uncover opportunities for improvement. In short, our ultimate goal is perfection.

Experienced, Certified Electricians

In 1997, B&B became a member of the IBEW Local Union 375. As such, this ensures that each certified electrician hired has a vast experience within the field. Nearly all of the electricians employed with B&B have been with the company for 6+ years. Furthermore, our staff dedicates themselves deeply to the company.

Family Owned & Operated

B&B is a local, family owned and operated company. We provide both commercial & industrial services. In addition, we offer a 24-hour service for emergencies. Bud works collectively on every aspect from estimating, material handling, project management, as well as other office duties. With an office staff consisting of only two members, B&B can ensure a personal experience is provided to each client.